Do People Buy Moissanite for Engagement Rings?

The couple had a few specific requirements for the ring:

1.  It had to be absolutely stunning.

2. Brilliance would be a determining factor.

3. They didn’t want to spend their wedding savings to buy one.

After doing a bit of online browsing, Kelly discovered Moissanite engagement rings. Enamored by their beauty, she immediately clicked on link after link, with her jaw dropping after viewing each picture.

She was hooked. Kelly wanted to see a moissanite engagement ring in person.

She grabbed her bag and Steve and headed out the door to a nearby Moissanite jewellery store. She spoke with a jeweller there and asked about moissanite vs. diamond, was there any real difference?

She was shocked to learn the differences were minimal at best.

That scenario, or something similar, has played out in our own store time and again. Couples around the world are shocked to learn there is an alternative to diamonds and it is just as stunning in any light. However, that trend is changing. Ignorance is being replaced with knowledge.

Women Want Moissanite!

Kelly and Steve aren’t alone.

In a recent survey, one company discovered that three-quarters of women would feel (if they received a Moissanite engagement ring) happy or no different than they would if they’d been given a diamond ring.

Lab grown moissanite is the way of the future as young couples looking for more affordable alternatives without shrinking away from the high quality and brilliance they crave. It looks like more people are buying Moissanite than ever before, and with greater awareness, that number will only increase.

Why do so many people buy moissanite engagement rings once they learn they exist? It’s simple.

For starters, Moissanite is more refractive than diamonds are (sitting around a 2.65 refractive index)—meaning it is twice as brilliant and ‘bling-worthy’ as a diamond.

Clarity is another reason. Only 10% of diamonds have consistent clarity regardless of size or shape. Moissanite engagement gemstones are the same clarity throughout.

How to Tell if Moissanite Gemstones Are Right For You

Are you about to get married? If you’re like hundreds of thousands of other people around the globe this year, you are.

Deciding on the perfect ring can be a challenge, but moissanite can make your decision easier. Here are a few quick facts about Moissanite you’ll want to know before making a decision.

• It’s available in all different cuts.

• It’s available in coloured gemstones as well.

• Its brilliance is better than a diamond’s.

• It’s priced at one tenth the cost of a diamond.

• It can be customised.

• It lasts a lifetime.

Your engagement ring is a big decision. It will be with you forever. But with the help of a professional jeweller, and being armed with all the facts, you can make the right decision.

If you’re thinking about getting a moissanite engagement ring, then come see us. We can help you select the perfect stone to symbolize your love and marriage.