My Story - Why I Choose Moissanite 

By Lauren Chang Sommer

I have loved Moissanite ever since the first time I saw it in 2004.  The sparkle and brilliance was so beautiful it was captivating.
Since then, I’ve been a huge Moissanite fan... here’s my story.In mid-2004, my father had given a lovely pair of earrings to my Mother on a recent overseas trip.
Mum looked beautiful with her new dazzling earrings.  I thought they were diamond.
Then I found out that in fact they were a totally new jewel called Moissanite.  I was fascinated. Dad, being an engineer was very excited to tell me that the jewels were formed in a lab using Silicon Carbide,
a natural mineral compound which is so similar to carbon found in diamond.
“Lauren, it has more sparkle and lasts forever just like a diamond!” Dad exclaimed.  “Wow! That’s incredible”. I thought.

The timing for this discovery was perfect.  Immediately, I knew I wanted a pair of earrings for my wedding day that was coming
up in November of the same year.  I had already been searching to buy the perfect pair of earrings to wear on my wedding day.
In my search, I found sizeable diamond earrings to be quite expensive and then cubic zirconia earrings to be more like disposable costume jewellery.

I wanted a piece of fine jewellery I could pass down to my children, but I didn’t want to break the bank.
We were saving to buy our first house.  Moissanite was the perfect solution.  I began my search in my hometown of Sydney, Australia
to find some Moissanite earrings to wear on my special day.  I was surprised when I couldn’t find any.
I broadened my search in Australia, yet still with no luck.  It was at that time, that my sister Alana and I,
decided that we should sell Moissanite in Australia.  With the help of our parents, we started a Moissanite retail business and introduced it to Australia.

I still wear the Moissanite earrings I wore on my wedding day.  I rarely take them out.  I swim in the ocean with them.
I wear them to work.  I wear them to parties.  I wear them when I drop my daughters to school.
I sleep in them.  I wear them when I work out.  I wear them on date night.  I love them today just as much as I did then.
They were honestly the best fashion purchase I have made.
If I work out how much those earrings have cost me each day I have worn them, it’s barely anything.
They make any outfit look that much better and most importantly I feel good when I wear them.

I was proposed to with a diamond ring.  My Moissanite earrings complimented my diamond ring.
About four years ago I took off my ring in the bathroom and dropped it onto a ceramic vanity and tiled floor.  My diamond broke!
“What?! I didn’t know diamonds break” I hear you ask.
Yes, diamonds can break, no jewel is indestructible.  I was so upset, not because of the material value
but because it was so sentimental to me.  My husband came home and asked why I had been crying.  I showed him my broken diamond.
“Why are you so upset? You’re a jeweller!  Don’t worry.  Do you want to replace it with Moissanite or Diamond?”
I chose a bigger Moissanite, because I love it and after wearing my earrings for many years I knew Moissanite would last no matter what.

I am so happy with my Moissanite engagement ring.  I enjoy seeing it sparkle, especially in the sun, and it's just as pretty in other lighting too.
I am proud to wear Moissanite knowing it’s an ethical jewel.   And I love that Moissanite is new and exciting.

When someone notices my ring, sometimes they ask, “Is it real”?  “Of course it’s real” I smile, “It’s real Moissanite”.
Over the years I’ve added to my Moissanite collection marking different milestones and celebrations.

I love Moissanite and I hope you will get to discover the joy of Moissanite too.
- Lauren