Moissanite, diamonds and precious gems come in a variety of cuts and shapes. While to the untrained eye there is seemingly
no difference between the quality of different gem cuts, the Emerald cut creates a truly beautiful look impossible to achieve with other styles.

Long used to enhance the beauty of coloured gemstones, Emerald cuts are by far one of the favourites for jewellers across the world.
The Emerald cut is designed to capture light and draw inward towards the heart of the stone, thereby increasing the hypnotic appeal of the cut.

The Emerald cut gets its name from its rectangular shape. The Emerald cut in SUPERNOVA Moissanite has 46 facets, and you’ll also notice
three rows on the bottom steps or three rows of top steps.

Because the Emerald cut was typically used only with emeralds, it wasn’t until the 13th century that diamonds could be used in cut form. Gem cutters were finally
able to figure out how to polish and cut diamonds using fragments of their own dust.

Today, Emerald cut gems are the envy of celebrities and everyday ladies alike. For instance, celebrities such as Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and so many others
have been spotted with Emerald cut rings. The unique beauty of this cut along with its originality make it a favourite for those who aspire to be different—especially celebrities.

For coloured gemstones and super high quality diamonds, the Emerald cut is a go-to choice. Higher-colour grade Moissanite, such as SUPERNOVA Moissanite and diamonds are
the option of choice, particularly because they have a tendency to emphasize any mismatched colours in the stone.
If you opt for a diamond, be sure it is a higher clarity grade to avoid any inclusions standing out from the heart of the stone.