About MI


 Moissanite Lovers on a Mission

We, Moissanite International, are the creators and distributors of SUPERNOVA Moissanite worldwide.

Since discovering Moissanite in 2004, we have been selling and telling the whole world about this beautiful jewel.

We know what you want.

You want a beautiful jewel with a brilliant sparkle that will last forever, without costing the Earth.






We have brought together a team of smart people – physicists, engineers, material scientists, PhD's in Silicon Carbide growth, skilled Moissanite cutters, Moissanite experts, and specialists in Moissanite retailing and marketing - from around the world to accomplish our mission.

Our mission is simple: To bring you the best Moissanite for everyone to enjoy.

What makes our Moissanite so special is our pristine Moissanite rough and it's cut.

We have perfected the cut so you can enjoy the beauty of Moissanite.

We call this our Stellar cut.

The result? Breathtaking beauty and extraordinary brilliance that is unmatched by any other jewel.

This is SUPERNOVA Moissanite.

Now Everyone Can Shine