What's in a name?


The origins of Moissanite start with a meteorite which crashed into the Arizona desert, fifty thousand years ago.

Moissanite, SUPERNOVA is all about radiance and brightness, like stars shining brightly.

SUPERNOVA is a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter and then returns to its original intensity.
In Latin, NOVA also means 'new'. SUPERNOVA is an appropriate representation of the Moissanite jewel, which is bright and new.  

According to astronomynow.com, stellar explosions known as SUPERNOVA usually shine a billion times brighter than the Sun.  
Super-luminous supernovae are a relatively new and rare class of stellar explosions.   

Our logos incorporate the magic of a shooting star.  

SUPERNOVA Moissanite has a natural colour,
displaying the highest brilliance, superior fire, and unmatched scintillation than any other jewel.

That’s what makes our SUPERNOVA so alluring and so enjoyable to wear in any occasions.

Moissanite Lovers on a Mission

Moissanite International are makers and distributors of Moissanite worldwide.

We love Moissanite.  It is such a stunning jewel, that we want to share the joy of wearing it with everyone. 

We have brought together a team of smart people – 
physicists, engineers, material scientists, PhD's in Silicon Carbide growth,
skilled Moissanite cutters, Moissanite experts, and specialists in Moissanite retailing and marketing - 
from around the world to accomplish our mission.

When you wear Moissanite you feel empowered,
you look stylish and above all you know you have made a smart purchase.

We believe in Moissanite, because it is a jewel with unrivalled brilliance, fire and lustre.
Moissanite, is the jewel of the future, and we are excited to bring this to the world.

Our team has invested a lot of time over the last few years in the research and development of creating Moissanite.
Today, we have the only fully vertically integrated manufacturing facility in the world.
We formulate our own raw material, we grow our own pure Moissanite and we cut and facet our own jewels on site.
Therefore we have total control on quality and ensuring we deliver the best Moissanite every time.  

We have the passion and the expertise to achieve our simple mission: 
To make the best Moissanite for everyone to enjoy.

Now Everyone Can Shine