What's in a name?


The origins of Moissanite start with a meteorite which crashed into the Arizona desert, fifty thousand years ago.

Moissanite, SUPERNOVA is all about radiance and brightness, like stars shining brightly.

SUPERNOVA is a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter and then returns to its original intensity.
In Latin, NOVA also means 'new'. SUPERNOVA is an appropriate representation of the Moissanite jewel, which is bright and new.  

According to astronomynow.com, stellar explosions known as SUPERNOVA usually shine a billion times brighter than the Sun.  
Super-luminous supernovae are a relatively new and rare class of stellar explosions.   

Our logos incorporate the magic of a shooting star.  

SUPERNOVA Moissanite has a natural colour,
displaying the highest brilliance, superior fire, and unmatched scintillation than any other jewel.

That’s what makes our SUPERNOVA so alluring and so enjoyable to wear in any occasions.