Moissanite FAQs



What is Moissanite?
Moissanite is the most brilliant jewel in the world. It has more brilliance, fire and lustre than any other gemstone.

How is Moissanite made? 
Moissanite is created through a thermal growing process using the natural mineral Silicon Carbide.
Moissanite is then hand cut to maximise its brilliance and fire.

Where does the name Moissanite come from? 
Moissanite was named in honour of its discoverer, French Nobel Prize-winner, Dr. Henri Moissan.

Is Moissanite graded like the Diamond's Four C's? 

While it looks like diamond, Moissanite is a different jewel than diamond with a different chemical composition.
As such, Moissanite is not graded using the diamond grading system.
Why do you say Moissanite has more brilliance? 
The Refractive Index (RI) of a gemstone is the most important optical property affecting its potential brilliance (sparkle).
With an RI of 2.65-2.69, Moissanite displays more brilliance than diamond (RI 2.42) or any other popular gemstone,
such as ruby (RI 1.77) and sapphire (RI 1.77).

Will Moissanite ever lose its brilliance, become cloudy or change colour? 
No, because Moissanite is made from a natural mineral, it will maintain its appearance forever.

What gives Moissanite its superior fire? 
Moissanite’s properties and master cutting creates high dispersion (“fire”).
Moissanite's dispersion is 0.104, which means it has more fire than diamond at 0.044.
Fire is one of the three attributes that make up the beauty of a jewel, along with brilliance and lustre.

Will Moissanite scratch or break easily? 
While Moissanite and diamond jewellery is extremely hard, durable and resistant to abrasion and chipping,
like all other gemstones, they are not indestructible. Care for your Moissanite jewellery just as you would other
fine jewellery, taking precautions not to wear rings and bracelets when doing rough work.

Do people buy Moissanite rings for engagements and weddings? 
Yes! Due to Moissanite’s beauty, durability, value and brilliance that lasts forever, it is very popular for engagement rings.

Supernova Moissanite FAQs

What colour is SUPERNOVA Moissanite?
Moissanite is not colour graded like diamonds, even though it looks like a diamondSUPERNONA colour is natural because when you view it from the top it looks natural without any hint of a blue tone like some other Moissanite gemstones in the market. This blue fluorescent tone, more visible in sunlight, makes the stone appears "whiter" but it does not look natural. Consumers prefer the SUPERNOVA colour, simply it looks natural.

What type of crystal is SUPERNOVA Moissanite made from?
SUPERNOVA Moissanite are made from the best pure next-generation 4-H Silicon Carbide crystal.
This is whiter and purer than the 6-H Silicon Carbide crystal more commonly used by other Mossanite makers. 

What shapes do you make?
Round Brilliant, Cushion Cut, Square Brilliant, Radiant Cut, Hearts, Oval Cut, and Asscher Cut.

How is SUPERNOVA cut?
All SUPERNOVA larger than 2.5mm are hand cut to specific angles and proportions to
maximise light performance. It has 58 facets like an ideal cut diamond but with different symmetry and proportions.
We call this our Stellar Cut.

Why do you say your SUPERNOVA Melee is the whitest in the market?
Our melee Moissanite stones are cut from the same 4-H SiC polytype crystal as our SUPERNOVA and NOVA.
It is colourless and matches the colour of SUPERNOVA so it is ideal for using as accents in jewellery.
It is the whitest in the market because all other manufacturers use the cheaper and less white
6-H Silicon Carbide crystal for melee stones.

Will my SUPERNOVA Moissanite come with a warranty?
No. The only warranty on Moissanite available in the market is a limited warranty against the loss of
brilliance and fire for the lifetime of the owner.  Any Moissanite, including SUPERNOVA
will never lose its brilliance or fire as it has been proven over 20 years. We feel a warranty is redundant, and
therefore have decided to just give a Certificate of Authenticity with every SUPERNOVA purchase that is 5.0mm or 0.50ct and above.

How do I clean my SUPERNOVA jewellery?
You can care for and clean your SUPERNOVA jewellery the same way you would a diamond:
Clean each piece separately (to avoid scratches with other stones) in a small bowl filled with
lukewarm water and detergent or mild soap. Gently brush your SUPERNOVA Moissanite
with a soft toothbrush, and then rinse in warm running water. Finally, pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
You can also use an ultrasonic cleaner or a commercial jewellery cleaner.

Can my SUPERNOVA jewellery withstand repair work?
Yes. Professional jewellers will have no problem repairing and reconstructing your SUPERNOVA jewellery.
We do have a Jewellers Bench Guide available for trade. Should your jeweller require it, please contact us.

Becoming a Distributor FAQs

How can I become a SUPERNOVA Moissanite distributor?
Simply fill in this form and we will get back to you to discuss the opportunity further.
Once you are on-board, you will have instant access to our online ordering system with up-to-date
stock inventory and prices. You will also have access to our Marketing Library.

Do you support us with marketing material?
Yes! Once you are a trade partner, you will have access to our full Marketing Library,
which includes usage of model images, logos, images, graphics, brochures, videos, selling tools and more.

Do you support us with social media?
Yes! We encourage our trade partners to send their own social media posts, images, news and events
to us so we can share it with our social media community. We will also be active in our social media channels
for you to share with your own communities. We are on this journey together!

Consumer FAQs

Can I buy SUPERNOVA Moissanite on this website?
No, our online ordering system is for trade only.
However, please get in touch so we can direct you to your nearest distributor or retailer.

How can I buy SUPERNOVA Moissanite?
Please get in touch so we can direct you to your nearest distributor or retailer.